I (and a dozen or so other people) got this email from Benji earlier today. Thought I would share. Benji said that was fine, so long as I ran a spell-check. I did. I know it has nothing to do (directly) with marriage, but it was very encouraging so I’m posting it. Maybe I’ll post his bio tomorrow…anyway, here it is. Hope you are encouraged as well.

Just wanted to share something the Lord really hit me with this morning. Grace! It is amazing to think about how much grace we receive from God. I feel like so often I say the word and understand the concept, but fail to see all the implications of this blessing in my life. Why were we born in the United States? Why were we born in a place which has the gospel? Why have we had people in our lives who have invested in us- leading us toward Christ? It is grace. “It is by grace you have been saved.” Why did our intellect or selfish ambition or pride or lust -our sinful nature- not keep us from belief- but was rather crushed? Why do I get to walk and talk and taste and touch and see? It’s crazy to think about all the things we have been blessed with while deserving none of them. “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” Why do I get to be a son of God- heard by Him, provided for by Him, forgiven by Him, receiving eternal life from Him?

It’s all grace- even all the little things we never think about. We don’t have anything that we were not given by God. Nothing. It’s crazy how we act like this isn’t the case. How can we do anything other than live a life of praise and thanksgiving? It’s amazing how your perception of things changes as you realize that you are not owed the smallest thing. No one deserves a day like today- great temperature, birds singing. Its a gift of God’s grace. Hope everyone has an awesome day and is able to truly praise God for the gifts in our lives!


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