The Groomsmen Series: Futbroinlaw

Today I present to you a man with whom I will (Lord willing) one day be family: my future brother-in-law, Brad Range.

Unfortunately, Brad is pretty smart, so after high school he was forced to attend Georgia Tech…at least I think he was since kids never go to school there willingly. About a year after being “Institute-ionalized,” Brad managed to escape North Avenue, fleeing to the relative safety and comfort of Antarctica. Brad survived for roughly nine months on the loneliest continent, sustained only by the musk of his beard and the sovereign hand of God. Eventually, after braving the worst that Earth could offer, Brad returned to the Flats equipped for whatever his foreign professors could throw at him. Brad eventually took two degrees from that place, both by force. Brad, often described as a “helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, hell of an engineer,” now resides in Boston with his lovely wife (and a bridesmaid) Ashleigh. Brad gets paid to do cool stuff like build robots. FYI: if you see Brad wearing a, “MIT,”sweater, do not assume he is a Romney supporter.

*Editor’s note: Brad and Ashleigh married on July 7, five years before Marjie and I plan to marry. Total coincidence.


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