The Groomsman Series: Tarbford Bell

I haven’t posted in a while so I’m going to churn out a “Groomsman” post to hold us over until I get something a little more serious up – maybe later tonight.

So for now, I present to you Brad Bell.

Formerly a blocking TE for the Furman University Christian Knights, Brad was closer to NFL super-stardom than any of the other groomsmen. However, a tragic…head…arm… something kept him out of the league. Brad is now a certified, “master of business administration,” and exercises his dominion over tellers at Athens First Bank & Trust in Watkinsville, GA. Brad once finished (a portion of) the “AT,” known to armatures as the Appalachian Trail (everyone’s looking at you, Cliff), in a single weekend. Brad only stopped momentarily on his journey to wrestle an orphaned child away from the grasp of 900 lb bear. As best I can tell, Brad now wears a bear skin under his clothing at all times to commemorate the victory. Brad is also a member of the exclusive “Ironman” group where he is entrusted to bring meetings to order with the official ironman vuvuzela. Oh…and he once killed a tiger in Clemson, SC with only his shoulder pads.


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