The Groomsman Series: Reese

In case any of you start to notice a trend, yes, I graduated with every one of these guys (well, except Marjie’s brother, Brad). Today, Christopher Reese – one of the funniest men I know.

Christopher Reese


Coach Christopher Reese is widely regarded as the greatest middle school football coach of our era (GMSCOOE – pronounced: Jim-sko-ee) and his countless SEGA (South East Georgia) championships are proof of his prowess. After several dozen middle school coaches complained to the GA middle school football governing board because of Christopher’s superior skill and passion, coach Reese was promoted to the big leagues as a member of the coaching staff at Camden County High School. It’s no surprise that, since Reese’s promotion, Camden County football has moved from relative obscurity (only a state championship or two in the last half-dozen years) into the national spotlight. When he isn’t trying to convince “tackles” to block, Reese enjoys leisurely rides in his tricked-out golf cart play time with his faithful dog Bobo.


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