The Groomsmen Series: Squirrel

Over the next few days I’ll be posting short, entirely factual bios of the groomsmen. Today, we begin our journey with Clifford Barnette.

Clifford Barnette

a.k.a. “Squirrel” or “El Raton,” depending on which continent he’s in

Clifford is a former all-American (flag football) at Georgia College and State University (Harvard of the South). Ever the Patriot, Cliff eschewed the glitz and glam of professional (flag) football to pursue a career proudly serving our country as a fire-fighter/EMT in Gwinnett County. After saving his 1000th life (give or take), he abruptly quit, entering service at another proud American institution: Chick-fil-a. Cliff’s deep-seeded love of country is now leading him to move to western China (or anywhere sleeping in a hammock is socially acceptable). He will be married to Rebekah in March and the two are planning a life-long honeymoon in a foreign country sharing the gospel with whom ever will listen. Cliff is a member of the exclusive “ironman” group, although his regular slaughter and breading of chickens sometimes keeps him away from the group. I would have inserted a joke about how Cliff tricked Rebekah into marrying him but I mean, come on: ALL-AMERICAN. Seriously. Who wouldn’t?


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