Voddie Baucham scares me: why it’s good to have a pastor you can talk to

[Preface: I know it’s early to be thinking about kids, but that’s a big part of all this right?]

Voddie about to strangle me for not wanting 31 kids

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Baucham on a lot of things. I really like listening to his sermons. But his view on children and family size scares the ever-living-daylights out of me. Vodie seems to preach what sounds to me like the “Duggar Theory” of family expansion. After listening to one (or three) of his sermons on the subject, I felt somewhat guilty for wanting, Lord willing, a measure of control over the size of my future family.

Duggars... most of them... I think...

When I shared this with one of my pastors, David Holt, he disagreed with Baucham and pointed me to some good Biblical reasons (in summary: stewardship concerns and the concept behind Paul’s, “it’s better to be single than married”) to control the size of our families. After some thought, I agree with Pastor Holt, but I still don’t think people who adhere to the “Duggar Theory” are “wrong.”

So… should we take ‘um as the Lord gives ‘um to us or should we practice some restraint in the size of our families? Message or post, I’m curious to hear what some of you think.


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